Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And they lived happily ever????

Once upon a time, there were two girls, Michelle and Andrea.

Andrea decided to move to Texas and her wonderful (and brave) friend, Michelle, volunteered to tag along and help. Andrea's other very gracious friend, Trish, volunteered to store all of her belongings in her basement. So, on the day before the big move, the three beautiful girls, with the help of two trolls, transferred all of Andrea's furniture to Trish's castle. Andrea and Michelle then decided to tackle the feat of packing the rest of her belongings in her carriage. After several frustrating and long hours, the two girls realize that not everything will fit in their car. So, they decide to call it a night and try again in the morning. The next morning, the two girls were able to get more in the carriage, but a few items had to be left behind.

So, the girls set out on their journey to the mystical land of Texas, one very cold morning. For a couple of hours all goes well. The girls pass through the land of Muskogee.

Here they visit a beautiful castle..

and observe the strange native tongue.

Soon after leaving the land of Muskogee, weird things began to happen. The musical enchantment feature in Andrea's carriage suddenly stopped and silenced ensued. Michelle and Andrea were very perplexed. After a few minutes, music began again. The girls were relieved and began to dismiss all thought of an evil curse, but soon the suspicions returned. A little further on, the music stopped again as well as all other enchantments. The girls were now passing through the land of McAlester and decide to stop and get help. Andrea contacted the AAA and they agreed to send out a knight to rescue the two girls. Loyd, the knight in shining armor, arrived on his galliant steed.

Sir Loyd was wonderful. He helped figure out what was wrong with Andrea's carriage and transported the two girls to a place where a magical wizard could repair it.

After inspecting the carriage, the wizard agreed that he could repair Andrea's carriage. However, the wizard was unable to find all the parts required. So, Andrea and Michelle decide to rent a larger carriage to tow Andrea's smaller carriage.

Andrea was very hesitant about driving such a big carriage, but was willing to give it a try!

Finally, the girls arrive in the land of Killeen. The journey that was to last 10 hours, lasted 15. Andrea has settled in and Michelle has flown back to her native country. The surroundings are very different and will take time for Andrea to get to used to...

But at least the neighbors are friendly! :)

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